Press Release: WHERE THE BIKE LANE ENDS – Jan 24, 2013 at Bicycle Renaissance

New York City, Jan 24, 2013

Subfreezing temperature did not keep these Virtuous Bicyclists from attending last night’s “WHERE THE BIKE LANE ENDS” seminar at Bicycle Renaissance.

The seminar is based on the League of American Bicyclists curriculum (BikeLeague.org) and offers newly minted urban cyclists the knowledge they need to ride with confidence, while giving advanced cyclists a set of criteria for evaluating their roadway decisions.

“We’re offering these free classes to our customers and the bike-riding public to help improve their awareness and their safety”, said Jimmy Ling, Bike Renaissance manager. “We’re really happy to partner with Virtuous Bicycle who brings this great content to our community.”

Lance Jacobs, LCI and Virtuous Bicycle founder said during the introduction; “Our goal tonight is to give you tools you can use with, or without, a bike lane”

Throughout the presentation, Lance emphasized a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect. Invoking the words of cycling advocate John Forester, “Cyclists fare best when they act, and are treated as drivers of vehicles”, Lance added, “I believe there’s a cause and effect relationship between the two sides of that coin”

In attendance were City Council Member Gale Brewer (District 6) who spoke briefly to the group about the importance of being involved on local bicycling related issues. Other attendees included members of the New York Cycle Club (NYCC.org), Bike Renaissance customers, and several of their staff, who stayed for the presentation on their own time.

Lance talks politics with City Council Member Gale Brewer

Lance talks politics with City Council Member Gale Brewer

Happy attendees took home lots of loot in the form of Raffle Prizes and a special Bicycle Renaissance Goodie Bag – well worth the extra sweater it took to stay out on a cold night.

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Bike Renaissance showed appreciation with amazing Goodie Bags!

Bike Renaissance showed appreciation with amazing Goodie Bags!

About the author

Lance Jacobs

A native New Yorker, biking has been part of my life from my paper route in 5th grade, through my international tours on 4 continents. Now, as a League Certified Instructor (LCI #3507), my focus is on studying and teaching the best way to ride in NYC's unique street environment. I love cycling and I love my city. I believe riding our streets can be stress free when approached with some solid skills, some basic knowledge, and the right frame of mind.

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