Risk Free Refunds for Gift Certificates


Bicycle Lessons Gift Certificate at Virtuous Bicycle 2016We understand that buying a Gift Certificate for a bike lesson may seem tricky. What if the recipient moves to another city before she can take a lesson? What if he twists his ankle and can’t take a lesson for some time? What if, for any reason at all, they never get around to booking the lesson?

It is never Virtuous Bicycle’s aim to collect fees and not deliver lessons. So we’ve established this Risk Free Refunds policy for Gift Certificate purchases.

  • You can request a no-questions-asked refund at any time. Refunds will always be made to you, the purchaser.*
  • If the certificate has not been used after one year, we’ll make a final attempt to arrange a lesson with your recipient. If s/he indicates that taking a lesson is unlikely, then we’ll refund your payment to you and let the recipient know that the certificate has been deactivated. Of course, if they’re still interested then we’ll keep the certificate active and go forward with planning a lesson. That’s it! They use their Gift Certificate or you get a refund.

It is never Virtuous Bicycle’s aim to collect fees and not deliver lessons. Our goal is to help students gain the skill and knowledge they need for a lifetime of enjoyable bike riding.

* For refunds on Gift Certificates, we will deduct a $25 service fee plus PayPal’s original transaction fees.

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